Telecom Italia selects PLAT.ONE

ABO Data announces a partnership with Telecom Italia Digital Solutions (TIDS) to develop and deploy Enterprise-Grade solutions for the ‘connected’ industry.
This partnership couples TIDS’ superior commercial and solution development capabilities with PLAT-ONE’s rich library of connected solutions built on the PLAT.ONE Enterprise-Grade application platform. The initial focus of this collaboration is a suite of solutions to provide end-to-end management of vending machines primarily in the food and beverage sector. This solution enables vending operators to track their machines, monitoring operations, collecting and analyzing real-time data and even launching updates remotely. According to market analysts, the numbers of connected devices in the vending industry will top over 3 million globally by 2018.
The two companies will also develop a range of services around specific industrial solutions, ranging from telemetry to remote control and automated diagnostics. PLAT.ONE is already available on Nuvola Italiana (Telecom Italia Cloud) supporting the rapid deployment of Enterprise-Grade connected solutions.
“Telecom Italia’s customers have high expectations and have always received best in class solutions. We are very pleased to bring our Enterprise-Grade platform to meet these demands of quality and satisfaction” stated ABO Data CEO Antonio Murroni. “PLAT.ONE’s features and functionalities are uniquely suited for such where high-scalability and mission critical reliability are essential.”
“Machine to Machine and Internet of Things solutions will rapidly grow in the near future. Enterprises are willing to integrate these new technologies as part of their core business processes, therefore requiring high quality service levels and future proof scalable and flexible solutions. In this scenario ABO Data’s PLAT-ONE Enterprise-Grade solution will enable Telecom Italia Digital Solutions to achieve leadership in the connected-industry market allowing us to be closer to the needs of our customers” stated Luigi Zabatta, Executive Director of the M2M and Internet of Things Services Line of Business within TI Digital Solutions.

ABO Data Brings PLAT.ONE, the First Enterprise-Grade IoT Application Platform, to the US

ABO Data announces the US availability ofABO Data announces the US availability of PLAT.ONE™, the first Enterprise-Grade Internet of Things application platform. Over the past several years, PLAT.ONE has established itself in Europe as the platform of choice for Enterprise-Grade Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Having proven itself in Europe’s leading telecoms and industrial equipment companies, PLAT.ONE will now be available in the US.
The rapid expansion of connected devices and sensors is creating robust demand for truly scalable and secure, multi-tenant, cloud-ready application platforms. PLAT.ONE is a complete, end-to-end software platform that accelerates the development and deployment of mission critical IoT and M2M applications. PLAT.ONE is a distributed software platform with edge agents that run on the end devices, device management and service enablement engines, and ‘big-data ready’ business rules, data management and application enablement platforms.
As part of the US introduction PLAT.ONE is sponsoring the Internet of Things World in Palo Alto on June 17 and 18, and will be featured on the Industrial Internet panel. “We are very pleased to finally bring our Enterprise-Grade platform to the United States, and to do so at this great event,” stated ABO Data CTO Filippo Murroni. “With the number of smart, connected devices forecast to grow to 50B over the next 6 years, the demand for PLAT.ONE’s Enterprise-Grade application platform is growing across all markets and geographies. Enterprise-Grade challenges deserve Enterprise-Grade solutions.”

If ThingWorx is worth USD 112m, how much is PLAT.ONE worth?

It has been well documented that PTC recently spent a large sum (USD112m) on purchasing the IoT platform provider ThingWorx. The logic behind the acquisition is sound. The capabilities that ThingWorx offers will be incredibly valuable to a firm like PTC for whom integrating connectivity will become an essential part of how they do business in future. At Machina Research my colleague Emil Berthelsen published a Research Note on exactly this topic back in January (“ThingWorx develops a model to generate sustainable revenues with PTC”).

In the last few weeks I’ve spent some time speaking with Italian firm AboData about their Plat-One application platform. While the platform is a relatively new one (released in 2011) it is based on decades of managing complex M2M implementations. The company has lots of proof points in terms of deployments across a diverse range of industries including building automation, data centers and smart cities, and is working closely with a number of telcos. So it’s enterprise-grade and rigorously tested.

What particularly stands out for me is the platform’s ultimate suitability for the internet of things. It is built with scale in mind, for instance including a test environment that can run to multi-million devices. It also focuses on data management, in particular pulling together and integrating multiple data sources. Furthermore the platform tags all data as it is created, effectively encouraging the baking of security and privacy into the application. The platform also includes the ability to discriminate different grades of service. What it lacks today is the sexy mash-up tools and UI that helped ThingWorx to really stand out from the crowd.

An interesting one to watch.