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Based on the proven Enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) application platform, PLAT.ONE offers a suite of solution and accelerators that enable businesses and organizations to leverage the power of the IoT to transform their operations. Whether you are upgrading your infrastructure or augmenting existing legacy systems, let PLAT.ONE help you transition to a more optimized, IoT-powered solution, without disrupting your on-going operations.

Our customers benefit from lower operating costs, increased revenue opportunities and better service quality. PLAT.ONE while enjoying the peace of mind of knowing their investment is future-proof thanks to industry-leading scalability, hardware flexibility and cutting edge security features.

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PRODUCT.ONE enables the rapid provisioning and ongoing management of connected products for home and commercial use. PRODUCT.ONE not only enables end-users to provision and manage connected products but also allows manufacturers and authorized partners to analyze usage and manage connected products remotely for maximum availability and minimal downtime. Learn More. Download the PDF


Turn vending machines into powerful new business tools with VEND.ONE, a complete application platform that can help you better manage your business across the entire vending machine value chain. By enabling control, monitoring and data analytics for large numbers of vending machines, VEND.ONE helps customers reduce cost and decrease machine downtime. This allows for optimized product re-stocking and creative new offers and customer engagement models. Download the PDF



DATA.ONE is an innovative application that integrates diverse environmental sensor networks into a cohesive environmental management system. As a Data Center Infrastructure Management solution, DATA.ONE enables facility managers to monitor and control environmental conditions, configure and receive alarms, and store and analyze associated data to improve performance and reduce power consumption. Download the Pdf



Managing city centers is a growing challenge as urban populations swell and pressure to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions increases. PLAT.ONE meets this challenge with CITY.ONE, an IoT/M2M application platform package that enables the centralized monitoring and control of multiple city services from a single platform including Smart Street Lighting, Smart Waste Management, Smart Parking, Smart Buildings and Smart Urban Transportation.
Watch our demo at Cisco Live or Download the Pdf


Utility companies can take meter management into the future and transform their business with PLAT.ONE’s innovative METER.ONE application platform.
METER.ONE provides centralized control and monitoring of widely-distributed gas, electricity and water meters to maximize service quality and reading accuracy while significantly reducing costs associated with meter reading and enabling innovative new business models and customer offers. Download the Pdf



We appreciate the challenges of managing large transportation networks, vehicle fleets and supply chain logistics. That’s why we built TRANSPORT.ONE, a complete application platform designed to help customers more efficiently manage large transportation and shipping operations from a single, scalable and secure platform. From trains and truck fleets to shipping containers and rental car fleets, PLAT.ONE has you covered. Download the Pdf



Across the healthcare industry, the IoT is proving to be a game-changing innovation that can significantly reduce costs and medical errors while improving the quality and availability of care. We recognized the value in a single platform that can manage multiple services and data streams across the healthcare value chain, enabling more informed decision making by healthcare providers and smarter management of medical devices and patient care. That’s why we have been working on HEALTH.ONE, a complete application solution designed to bring innovations to life in the healthcare industry. Download the Pdf


With the number of seniors expected to double by 2050, the demand for Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) will continue to rise proportionally. Advances in GPS technology and cellular connectivity are powering a new generation of mobile Personal Emergency Response Systems (mPERS). PLAT.ONE’s mPERs.ONE solution is highly scalable, secure and flexible, enabling the design, development, and deployment of both PERS and mPERS applications, faster than any other approach. Learn More. Download the Pdf



VISION.ONE is a complete and high performance video analytics application that provides an integrated, user-friendly solution for web-based video monitoring, control and analytics. VISION.ONE intelligently monitors and detects significant patterns from multiple data feeds, manages camera motion to track the patterns, triggers alarms and stores associated video and data: the ideal solution for security, retail, traffic and parking management applications. Download the Pdf


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