is an Accelerator Designed to Supercharge the Provisioning and Management of Connected Products

PRODUCT.ONE enables the rapid provisioning and ongoing management of connected products for home and commercial use. PRODUCT.ONE not only enables end-users to provision and manage connected products but also allows manufacturers and authorized partners to analyze usage and manage connected products remotely for maximum availability and minimal downtime.

PRODUCT.ONE is built on PLAT.ONE’s industry-leading adaptive IoT platform, offering powerful capabilities at the device, edge and cloud level. The platform provides scalable management for millions of connected products, and a role-based security model to ensure that only those authorized to see product data have access.

PRODUCT.ONE demonstration




Until recently, remote management of your deployed products was largely human intensive and often only used as for diagnosis after things had gone wrong to inspect for malfunctions. Maintenance strategies were more reactive than proactive, causing unanticipated outages and poorly timed machine downtime, diminishing the experience for distribution partners and their end-consumers. This highly inefficient and costly process limits opportunities for step-changes in performance and operational efficiency. Furthermore, launching new services was also a manual process, involving complex downloading of software and configuration manually.


By connecting your products to a central control fabric via the cloud or edge networks, your business and your partner networks can realize transformative changes in day-to-day operations and customer satisfaction. Built on PLAT.ONE’s enterprise-grade IoT/M2M platform, PRODUCT.ONE is a solution accelerator designed to allow you to rapidly introduce IoT connectivity, remote management and analytics for large networks of products all from a single control platform. This enables step-changes in operational efficiency and customer service, while powering innovative new business models and product offerings for you and your partners. It allows the coordinated launching of new services on connected products and the analysis of usage patterns and proactive response to problems.



The Internet of Things is creating a new Intelligence of Things enabling manufacturers to provide services previously impossible. For example, end-user customers on vacation would not expect to receive security notifications from their front door or lights without dedicated security systems. Yet PLAT.ONE can enable connected products such as appliances to send usage alerts, which if occurring during a family vacation may indicate someone is in their house and using an appliance. Either as a free service or as part of a premium subscription these are new services to increase product stickiness and customer loyalty.

Customers renting out their homes via AirBnB may well be very interested to learn what time appliances are used which may indicate that a guest has not checked out. Customers may even wish to remotely disable high-end appliances in their homes when guests are staying.

Commercial customers in real-estate or facilities management may be very interested to see HVAC data from offices as a sign of usage or not, and thus better predict future occupancy rates.


Sell new services or disrupt the market and your competitors with a “SELL AS A SERVICE” model. No longer are your revenues constrained by one-time product purchases. Now vacuum cleaner manufacturers can sell “vacuuming as a service” on a monthly or annual basis instead of just selling a vacuum cleaner and occasionally making monies from bags. Sensors in the product can detect air quality and floor “cleanliness”. This is an example of services which were not previously available for purchase from the product manufacturer and represent the shifting of the economy towards a product + subscription service for many categories of products.


The PRODUCT.ONE accelerator harnesses PLAT.ONE’s unique ability to integrate data from other connected products and services. PLAT.ONE’s secure data management technology enables closer engagement with customers without compromising privacy. The platform can securely integrate with smart phone applications, allowing for innovative new services, electronic payments and instant delivery.

For example, a connected product such as a coffee machine in a café might know that the preferences of a particular customer, enabling the machine to offer customized drinks at the point of sale. In the case of commercial vending machines, a coffee machine in the same area as other food vending machines could communicate and suggest additional purchases with promotional pricing for the customer.

Integration with open data sources can enable new innovative product offerings and service strategies, such as those timed with pending changes in weather, holidays and sporting events.


As a manufacturer or distributor you can view product usage data in real time, enabling accurate KPI monitoring down to each individual deployed and connected product. You can choose to share access with your distributors and reseller partners so everyone can see how deployed products are being used, customer usage habits and even measure for improvements in Net Promoter Scores (NPS).


Combined with product registrations in your CRM and known issues in your support systems you can use PRODUCT.ONE to enable better understanding of who is using your product, why and when, and start to reduce product returns with predictive analytics.

Never before could you launch a product, introduce it to your supply chain and actually know if the product is being used, how long for and how often. New KPIs will emerge around time-to-first-use, duration of usage and signs of impending return such as non-activation or noticeable reductions in usage over time.


By knowing your customers, how they use your products, and how many of your products they have, you can start to reward loyal customers with targeted marketing and promotions. No longer are you left using old POS data or distribution sales reports to understand how your products are selling, you can actually see it in real-time.


Fast moving goods can now been seen via product activation, and manufacturing can respond to this demand with real-time and validated data.


For products with add-on features and equipment, these can also be IoT enabled allowing you to see which customers are buying the additional items and which are not, and then to find out why.


Enable your end-user customers to see their own data, and usage patterns if you so choose. Customers may even want to share their usage data with family and friends, or even to trigger alerts. Role-base security from PLAT.ONE allows manufacturers to enable secure data access for authorized partners and end-user consumers, and may even enable sharing features when permitted by end-user customers.


The integrations and outcomes should only be limited by our imagination and not the technology we use. Once we connect our company’s product, our “thing”, the next thing we want is to do is to connect it to other “things” to achieve the Intelligence of Things, versus the Internet of our one product, our one Thing.

For this reason having a platform that supports a wide range of protocols, and which can rapidly learn new machine protocols is essential.

Having a platform that supports adaptive connectivity is a key requirement, because your connected products may be using Wi-Fi, 4G, 3G, 2G or something else and it just needs to work.

The requirements for connectivity could be different from a consumer to a commercial environment. For example, a robotic vacuum may integrate in one way for the home, but for a large big box store it may need to be more cooperative in a network of robotic vacuums or integrate into a suite of connected products for the store.


The PRODUCT.ONE Connected Product Accelerator is based on the complete, end-to-end, enterprise-grade IoT platform PLAT.ONE. Manufacturers can implement one connected product, and over time add additional product lines and integrations with distribution, service and support partners to build your own company’s Internet of Products and Services generating new revenues and loyalty from partners and end-users.