PLAT.ONE, an ABO Data company, announces that Flavio Bonomi and Ken Forster, both recognized ‘Connected Industry’ veterans, have joined the PLAT.ONE Advisory Board.
Flavio Bonomi was a Cisco Fellow, and former Head of Advanced Architecture and Research Organization at Cisco Systems. Considered to be the father of Fog Computing, Flavio was instrumental in the vision and technology direction for Cisco’s Internet of Things initiative, and its application to the industry verticals of Energy, Connected Vehicles and Connected Cities. Flavio is an alumnus of AT&T Bell Labs, was a Principal Architect at two Silicon Valley startups, and has a PhD Electrical Engineering from Cornell University. He currently resides in Palo Alto, California.
Ken Forster has been building ‘connected’ products, services and businesses for over 25 years. He has held senior leadership roles at ThingWorx, Syngenta, The Coca-Cola Company and Philip Morris, co-founded three industrial automation companies and was an early leader in open architecture control at Lockheed and Wonderware. Ken is an engineer by training, a strategist by vocation, and a marketer by heart. He has a multidisciplinary and multicultural background, and is active in the US and European Internet of Things communities. He currently resides in Zug, Switzerland.
“Flavio and Ken bring an immense amount of experience in enterprise-grade platforms and solutions from the cloud down through the fog” stated PLAT.ONE CEO Antonio Murroni. “As the first complete, enterprise-grade IoT and M2M Application Platform, PLAT.ONE will also benefit greatly from their strong industry connections and global presence.”
“The future of Machine to Machine and Internet of Things is a decentralization of control from the legacy, two-tier cloud architectures to truly distributed, edge-based computing. PLAT.ONE has been an early leader here with their industry-proven ‘Edgeware’ technology.” said Flavio Bonomi. Ken Forster added: “PLAT.ONE has been a quiet giant powering some of the largest, successful ‘connected industry’ projects in Europe. Their unparalleled market traction among the most demanding, large telecoms and industrial product companies speaks for itself.”

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