PLAT.ONE, an ABO DATA company, demonstrated its Enterprise-Grade IoT ‘Edgeware’ technology as part of the Cisco IoT World Forum today, and committed to support the newly announced ‘IoT World Forum Reference Model’.
From its first release in 2011, PLAT.ONE, the first enterprise-grade IoT application platform, has featured a distributed, edge agent architecture that provides high scalability and security for mission-critical applications. “After 30 years of developing enterprise and industrial applications, we integrated the best of our technology into a true, enterprise-grade M2M and IoT platform”, said Filippo Murroni, the CEO of PLAT.ONE, “having a distributed agent technology is a minimum requirement for enterprise-grade IoT applications; distributing data and security processing to the edge while maintaining end to end security, data traceability and scalability.”
PLAT.ONE was invited by Cisco to submit their ‘Edgeware’ agent technology to support the development of the ‘IoT World Forum Reference Model’. PLAT.ONE is one of ten companies including IBM and Intel that have committed to develop, prototype and test this reference model going forward. Flavio Bonomi, the former Head of the Advanced Architecture and Research Organization at Cisco Systems, and an advisor to PLAT.ONE said, “This reference model is a significant step forward to move toward a true Fog Computing architecture, providing the framework for edge-based analytics, autonomous control and distributed computing. PLAT.ONE is one of the earliest and best examples of such distributed IoT platforms in action.”
PLAT.ONE is already in use by three major telecoms and over 25 industrial customers powering over 200,000 connected industrial devices. “They are one of the real success stories in the M2M and IoT space, with significant deployments in demanding applications and mission-critical environments” said Ken Forster, acting COO of PLAT.ONE; “Cisco is a great technical and commercial partner to accelerate the Internet of Everything, and PLAT.ONE.”

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