PLAT.ONE® today announced their partnership with Wi-NEXT™, a leader in industrial edge networking and computing devices known as Industrial Edgeware. The combined offerings enable the rapid development and deployment of Fog Computing solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT).

PLAT.ONE offers a full-stack, Enterprise-Grade application platform for mission-critical Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and IoT applications. PLAT.ONE works with hardware and software companies to pre-integrate their products with their application platform, greatly simplifying the development and deployment of M2M and IoT solutions for solution developers. PLAT.ONE has over twelve companies in its PLAT.ONE-Ready partner program providing solutions from smart sensors, devices, gateways to data analytics and enterprise integration.

Wi-NEXT has strong roots in industrial networking solutions, powered by their patented WiseMesh® network operating system. This enables the creation of reliable and secure wireless network infrastructure compatible with the industry-standard Wi-Fi and Low Power Wi-Fi protocols. Their new Industrial Edgeware products adds edge processing and storage which allows software agents like PLAT.ONE’s Edgeware agent to run right on the device providing distributed edge intelligence to analyze, filter, and take action locally.

“In the Internet of Everything a key challenge for companies is to collect and analyze data quickly, reliable and securely. Our Industrial Edgeware product line combines self-configuring, resilient communications with distributed edge processing and storage making us the ideal platform for Industrial applications and for PLAT.ONE’s Enterprise-Grade platform,” said Nicola De Carne, CEO of Wi-NEXT.

“We are excited to welcome Wi-NEXT to our PLAT.ONE Ready ecosystem. We were the first Enterprise-Grade IoT application platform, and an early leader in the distributed computing concept we now call ‘Fog Computing’. PLAT.ONE and Wi-NEXT provide a complete Enterprise-Grade Fog Computing solution,” said Filippo Murroni, CEO of PLAT.ONE.

PLAT.ONE and Wi-NEXT are proud sponsors of the Fog Computing Conference, held
November 19-20, 2014 at the Marriott in San Jose, California.

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