PLAT.ONE is proud to announce that Gruppo Cimbali has chosen its Enterprise-Grade Internet of Things (IoT) Application platform to power the next generation of La Cimbali professional coffee machines.

By combining one of the most-recognized and respected brands in coffee with the leading IoT application platform, Cimbali is creating a superior customer experience for its retail partners, and delighting their consumers even more. The Connected Coffee solution, powered by PLAT.ONE, enables Cimbali and their retail partners to track the performance of their machines, and drive advanced capabilities like auto-replenishment of supplies, predictive maintenance and innovative ‘pay as you brew’ business models.

“Cimbali’s passion for coffee drives it to produce the most innovative and highest-quality coffee machines on the market. Their operational requirements demanded an enterprise-grade, distributed IoT platform to connect and manage the significant number of machines being deployed globally,” stated Filippo Murroni, CEO of PLAT.ONE. “Our Edgeware technology was uniquely suited to meet their high-reliability requirements, allowing us to run directly on each coffee machine, which coordinating with a central back-end server.”

“The Internet of Things project developed through strategic partnership with PLAT.ONE creates a competitive advantage, enabling us to offer our customers advanced tools to help them grow their business and deliver better quality and service. Such technological innovation is key to our growth and reinforces the value of Made-in-Italy”, stated Simona Colombo, Director of Marketing and Communication for Cimbali.

The Connected Coffee program is a multi-phase initiative to deliver even higher quality service and consumer satisfaction for Cimbali customers. The program creates a ‘Connected Coffee’ community, integrating the entire coffee eco-system to maximize the value of each machine while reducing the overall environmental footprint. Each machine becomes a key actor coordinating the surrounding coffee eco-system to drive ‘just-in-time’ delivery of all coffee essentials, issuing early-warning of maintenance needs, and creating better consumer understanding and thus higher satisfaction.

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